Daniel Mai

Living Inside My Head

I’m not a social guy. To an extent, at least.

So when I see someone on one of the popular social media sites, I wonder what’s going on mentally.

I’m not into this whole “social media” thing, which I suppose is healthy for me. It all seems very poisonous and fleeting. Post something, get a handful of people to recognize your message, post a few comments, and move on with your day. And the fact that people say “I’m bored so I’m just browsing Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr.” All these feeds that people constantly consume.

The other day I witnessed my friend’s sister scroll down her Tumblr dashboard. Post after post after post. She reblogged over ten things within five minutes. It’s so easy. Click, click, click. Like, reblog, scroll, like, scroll, reblog. Her face stayed straight, with a chuckle every now and then, while scrolling constantly.

I like to think that I’m more of a listener than a speaker. I’d rather listen about someone else’s problems than talk about my own. I’d rather consume than create, I guess. I don’t consider myself a creative type. I tend to keep quiet and rummage through my thoughts.

Sometimes it’s awkward when I’m out with a friend and it’s pretty much dead silent and there’s no conversation. But I’m totally in my head and not aware that there’s no dialogue between us. But at the same time, I don’t know what to talk about. I guess it depends on the person I’m with, but I’m usually not the one who starts the conversation.

You can tell that I’m not being very forceful with my message. “To an extent. At least; I like to think; I guess. I don’t consider.” Not really solid statements here.

And yet I’m creating something by writing.