Daniel Mai

Brain and Brawn

When I was little, I told myself that I wouldn’t bother trying to be all buff and worry about exercising all of the time. I wasn’t the most athletic kid around, and I thought that being strong with my brain was better than being strong with my body.

But now I don’t think that as much. Sure, I’m still not amazingly athletic, and I don’t try to be. I’m still more on the side of brains instead of brawn, but I’m not shunning brawn out entirely. I acknowledge that I need to have a healthy body in order to function well, which also means in order to think well.

So, I’m biking and running occasionally. Even though I’d rather be doing something more “productive” with my time, like reading or learning something computer-related, I try to balance these two things in my life.

Ultimately, I find nurturing my brain more important, given the fact that our bodies start to deteriorate as we age, but our minds continue to grow as we learn and experience more in life.