Daniel Mai

Emacs Tutorial Videos

Emacs is one of the main tools I use on a daily basis. It’s the best text editor I’ve used and I continue to learn about it’s seemingly infinite amount of features and extensibility as I invest more time into it. I went to Emacs Conf 2015 in SF back in August and it further emphasized how incredible Emacs and the people that use it are.

Over the past several months a colleague and I have been working together on creating a series of videos to get the word out on how awesome Emacs is. We have a handful of videos published so far, and have slowly been getting feedback and people subscribing. It’s pretty exciting that people want to learn more about Emacs with our channel. People started posting links to our videos on reddit (such as here and here). Even a blog that I personally follow posted about one of our videos.

If you ever wondered what makes Emacs awesome or have wanted to learn, you can check out our channel. We’ll be making more videos in the future!