Daniel Mai

How to Wake Up Early

Today I woke up late, and wasn’t able to give my friend a ride to school. She had to drive herself to school. In light of this, here’s some things I need to remember to wake up on time.

  1. Have an alarm.
  2. Have a second alarm for backup.
  3. Make sure the alarm sound is loud and not soothing. The alarm should be, well, alarming.
  4. Don’t be cozy during sleep.
    1. Don’t wear a blanket. Warmth means comfort. Comfort means more desire to sleep.
    2. Leave the window open. At least, leave the curtains open. Cool air from the outside means less warmth inside. Morning light (if any) makes the room brighter, which discourages sleep (at least, more than darkness does).
  5. Sleep early.
  6. Sleep well.

Or, just get a flying helicopter alarm that flies away and needs to be put back in order for the alarm to stop. Whatever floats your boat. (Thanks Calvin for showing me this.)