Daniel Mai

A New Beginning

Here’s to a new blog, and a new domain for me to post my work. I hope you find this place more appealing than the last (if you’re familiar with my past blog on Xanga). It should be more readable and contain higher quality writing.

The goal of this blog for me is to write more and share my writing with you in a readable format. I have more control over the appearances and how the posts are structured with Octopress than I do with Xanga.1

I first heard about Octopress through Matt Gemmell (his current website’s design inspires this one). And after finding out that Xanga is going to stop their current blogging service and may start anew with a paid-membership, I figured that I might as well move elsewhere if I wanted to maintain a blog. I’ve been thinking about moving away from Xanga for a while. I wasn’t a fan of the editor used to create new posts, and I wasn’t able to control the look of my blog the way I wanted to. So, here I am, on my own website.

It took me some time to learn the bare essentials of Octopress. I’d say that the time investment is worth it since I enjoy the design of this blog over the one I had on Xanga. This website is responsive, clean, and readable.

I tried modifying the theme I had on Xanga to achieve a look similar to this, but I couldn’t do it. Adding in custom CSS was a mess and I essentially ruined the type. But on Octopress, the CSS (seems) to be clear and I can easily modify it.

With this new site and blog, my writing isn’t left to a company that may not exist in the future (like Xanga). I am in control of whether or not this website closes down. Also, the structure of this page is much cleaner and more understandable than Xanga, visually and structurally.

I hope you enjoy what I’m putting here and keep in touch.

  1. I didn’t make this website from scratch. It would have been awesome if I did, but the features that Octopress provides are great for my needs. Octopress automates things that I shouldn’t need to worry about.